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  Export &Import Business

  Since 2008, zibo baishun started the foreign trading business, and its own independent export business.baishun export the raw materials and semi- products with unique service mode and competitive price. baishun management concept: operating with honesty,to achieve win-win situation.Through years of efforts, we have exported the products worldwide, such as Southeast Asia, Australia, America and Europe and other regions.

  Shipbuilding Business

  baishun strengthened the cooperation with domestic and foreign major mills, ensure to provide the best qualified vessel used plates for ship companies. High quality material and professional machines can satisfy our clients’ demand for material supply.

  Machinery Manufacturing

  Characteristics:fully customized, wide range of service industries.

  The application area included in Food and beverage machinery,medication, environment protection and water treatment, spin and dyeing equipment, electro-mechanic equipment, etc.

  Household Appliance

  Household appliance requires higher material quality. baishun keeps stock and grade the material according to customers’ requirements and ensure prime quality products to supply to this industry area.

  Engineering Machinery

  baishun offers high strength steel processing as cutting, leveling, bending, welding, etc. with the increased service capacity and rich processing experience, a variety of service is within reach.

  Carbon Steel

  baishun has running the carbon steel business in full swing including the material trading and processing in accordance with the market requirement.

  OEM Product

  baishun could supply secondary processing and finishing facilities allow for low and mid volume metal fabrication, machining, metal finishing and shipping of assembly-ready large fabrications.

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