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Slitting unit
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Slitting unit Definition:

The slitting production line is mainly used for the production of strips such as stainless steel strip, coil, carbon steel strip and copper strip.

Slitting unit Processing:

The stainless steel mechanical production process of the slitting machine is produced by the processes of feeding trolley, unwinding, leveling machine, slitting main machine, shearing, buffer pool, tension station and winding.

Zbbssteel slitting machine advantage:

  • Zbbssteel slitter machine layout is reasonable, easy to operate, and highly automated
  • Zbbssteel slitting machine with high precision and high production efficiency
  • Zbbssteel slitting machine for processing all kinds of cold rolled, hot rolled stainless steel sheets
  • The finished products of Zbbssteel slitter are widely used in the home appliance, automobile and toy markets.

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