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Flying shear
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Flying shear definition

The flying shear is a type of shear that laterally shears a moving stainless steel plate.

Flying shear Process characteristics

  • Load: instantaneous strong impact load, high transmission precision, small gear and blade backlash
  • Working conditions: hot flying shears work environment temperature is high
  • Electrical characteristics: fast response, hard characteristics
  • Motor requirements: small inertia, strong overload

Zibo stainless steel flying shear advantage

  1. Automatic reduction of the volume of the volume, automatic alignment, one-click roll, one take
  2. Flying shears and good design structure, compact shape, flexible adjustment, high precision, high efficiency
  3. Professional technical development team, many years of stainless steel cutting technology, introduced learning and remaining flying shear technology, providing high quality, stainless steel to meet the needs of customers.
  4. Imported flying shear electrical components are equipped with mechanical parts used, and the hardware strength is strong.
  5. Zbbssteel stainless steel flying shears have the characteristics of high cutting precision, neat stacking, high-speed flying shears and smooth work.

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