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high-bright stainless steel frame in mobile phone
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Millet 6 mobile phone with high-bright stainless steel frame

Smartphones can be described as a wide variety of brands. Apple, Samsung, Huawei, and many other brands are making their own 
unique mobile phones. Xiaomi is a Chinese state-owned brand.

Millet 6 mobile phone with high-bright stainless steel frame

The launch of the Xiaomi 6 uses a four-curved 3D glass/ceramic casing + a high-gloss stainless steel frame.
Stainless steel gives us the impression that the old, unattractive image does not seem to be as high as the glass body.
Xiaomi 6 provides four-curved glass versions of bright, bright white and bright blue. With stainless steel highlight frame, the whole machine is round and round.

The high-bright stainless steel frame protects the glass body from collisions and cracks, and it also takes into account 
the softness of the glass body and the decorative nature.Among the stainless steels, there are many varieties suitable for 
decorative properties, such as 304 stainless steel, 304L stainless steel, 304H stainless steel, and the like.

After the Xiaomi 4 mobile phone, Xiaomi 6 used stainless steel again. For the technology of this material, Xiaomi has become 
familiar with the cost and greatly reduced its cost. On the body of glass and stainless steel, Xiaomi strengthens the airtight design 
of the whole machine, so that the whole machine has a certain degree of life anti-splash ability.

In addition, Xiaomi Mobile 6 has also innovated a futuristic “Bright Silver Exploration Edition”, which uses a four-curved mirror glass 
body that blends seamlessly with stainless steel metal lusterShows the ultimate specular gloss, full of science fiction. In terms of single value, 
it is the best in the Xiaomi 6 series. Not only that, but the millet 6 bright silver exploration version of the four-curve mirror process is extremely complicated:
The 40 steps are polished and the plating color must be completed in a dust-free vacuum environment.

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