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New lighting life - stainless steel OLED lighting
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In the future, the lighting of our lives is no longer a simple point. The line glows and becomes the average light on the surface. This is a great work for human life.

new OLED lighting stainless steel

The Fraunhofer FEP Institute and Nippon Steel & Sumikin Materials (NSMAT) and Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation (NSSMC) jointly 

developed a new OLED lighting The prototype is made of stainless steel substrate.

The traditional light bulb belongs to the illumination of the point source. The commonly used fluorescent tube belongs to the illumination 

of the line source, and there is a problem of uneven brightness distribution. The new OLED illumination belongs to the illumination of the surface light source.

Let the brightness received by each place be the same, and the installation is more convenient, the application will no longer be limited to the flat environment, 

and any surface can be the position of the light source.

Among the new OLED lighting, stainless steel has the advantage of flexibility: OLED can be fabricated on plastic, stainless steel or thin glass substrates with 

flexural properties, making it suitable for any type of surface, and stainless steel is not as fragile as glass. The problem of cracking can improve the safety of the 

luminaire; transparency: the original reflection in the OLED component is a cathode,

It can be made into a light-transmissive OLED element by replacing it with a thinner stainless steel metal or by replacing it with a transparent electrode (such as ITO);

Stainless steel substrates have several advantages, such as excellent thermal conductivity and barrier properties. Thanks to the planarization layer developed by NSSMC, 

the illumination panel has very uniform OLED light.

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