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New energy automotive steel solutions
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New energy automotive steel solutions(2019 new update)

China's auto industry is constantly upgrading, and China's auto consumption structure is entering a critical period of transformation. The automotive industry has put forward higher requirements for environmental friendliness and technological upgrading.


     As the world's leading supplier of lightweight technology solutions and automotive steel products, Valin ArcelorMittal Automotive Sheet Co., Ltd. (VAMA) held the “New Discovery and Win the Future” Customer Day event. In the event VAMA and the well-known consulting agencies released industry forward-looking reports, showing a number of cutting-edge technological achievements such as new high-performance steel grades, S-inMotion lightweight solutions and pure electric vehicle steel battery packs.

The report predicts that the Chinese car market will reach 31 million in 2025, the industry will be reshaped, and the entire market will have higher requirements.
As an industry leader, VAMA's continuous testing results showcases ArcelorMittal's full range of advanced high-strength steels for efficient, lightweight solutions for electric, hybrid and conventional vehicles. Companies are responding to increasingly stringent anti-collision testing requirements.

He mentioned: "The latest generation of S-inMotion solutions has alleviated the weight of SUVs and multi-vehicle platforms, not only for traditional power vehicles, but also for a new generation of new energy vehicles. VAMA's new high-performance steels can be supplied locally. Effectively reduce the weight of structural parts in production models and is extremely cost effective."


automotive steel solutions

The rise of new energy vehicles has not only forced the transformation of the industry track to bring about a change in design strategy – power systems, hybridization, and pure electric vehicles are gradually evolving.

    As an extension of the VAMA downstream industrial chain, the new development of complex thermoformed laser tailor welded blanks, GONVVAMA CTO said in the speech: "Laser tailor welded blanks (LWBs) can ensure the right steel in the right place, suitable The thickness and the right safety performance.
VAMA and GONVVAMA bring pressure-hardened steel laser tailor welded blanks to form a door knocker that has been mass-produced in the domestic market since 2018.

    We can customize the anti-collision performance of laser tailor welded blanks on demand, improve the safety performance of the car, minimize the weight of the car body, continuously optimize the steel solutions for automobiles, and help customers maximize the benefits of automotive steel.

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