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Common 5 kinds of stainless steel metal content
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stainless steel is the most common metal in our daily life. It is widely used in various fields, such as escalators in construction materials, stainless steel tables and stools in furniture, stainless steel counters and tableware in kitchens. We always refer to the materials of these items as stainless steel. In fact, they belong to different types of stainless steel and contain different ingredients.


There are five basic types of stainless steel, and their classification is mainly based on the difference in chromium metal content.


1. Austenitic: This type of stainless steel is non-magnetic, the content is steel, 18% chromium metal is added, and there is also a certain nickel metal. This is also the most widely used stainless steel grade with high corrosion resistance.


2. Martensite: This type of stainless steel is magnetic and contains an appropriate proportion of carbon. The chromium content is usually 13%, which can be hardened after quenching and tempering.


3. Precipitation type: The conventional content of this type of stainless steel is 17%, and contains a certain amount of nickel, copper and niobium, which is the most abundant stainless steel alloy. It can be hardened by precipitation and aging.


4. Ferrite: This type of stainless steel is magnetic, the content of chromium metal is 17%, and has good oxidation resistance.


5. Duplex: this type of stainless steel is a mixed structure of ferrite and austenite, the content of chromium metal is 18% -28%, and the content of nickel is between 4.5% -8%, which is the most resistant to chloride attack Strong commonly used stainless steel.


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