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2019 China's color coated steel exports to Vietnam increased threshold
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2019 China's color coated steel exports to Vietnam increased threshold

China's color coated steel exports to Vietnam have been declining due to tariffs. However, the Vietnam Ministry of Trade said it plans to impose a four-month anti-dumping duty on painted steel from China and South Korea from June 25, 2019. This sounds like a great challenge to China’s exports.

There are 19 companies in China that will face anti-dumping duties on painted steel, ranging from 3.45% to 34.27%, while products from Yieh Phui (China) Technomaterial face the lowest 3.45% anti-dumping duty. Products of other Chinese companies will be calculated at an anti-dumping rate of 34.27%.

A Taiwanese factory source said: "I believe that in the short term, anti-dumping duties can alleviate the pressure on the domestic color coated steel industry in Vietnam. It will definitely limit the export of China and South Korea's color coated steel to Vietnam, but it also means The potential market share of Taiwanese and Japanese producers is expected to expand."

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Beginning June 1, 2017, the Ministry of Trade of Vietnam began to conduct trade investigations on some of the painted steel products from China and South Korea at the request of four local manufacturers to determine whether to impose anti-dumping duties. The applicant's anti-dumping tariff on Chinese products should be set at 25.5%, and Korean products should be 19.25%.

“For a long time, we have not exported too much color coated steel to Vietnam,” said a source from a factory in eastern China.

“I don’t think this new policy will have much impact.” A trader in eastern China commented that China’s exports of painted steel to Vietnam have fallen this year due to tariff issues.

Chinese companies should always pay attention to the international market dynamics, pay attention to the renewal of national policies, and make comprehensive preparations for the development of enterprises.
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