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steel pipe types that you do not know
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steel pipe types that you do not know

The application of stainless steel pipes is everywhere, from industrial equipment to small household appliances. How many types of steel pipes are there today?

Galvanized steel

Galvanized steel pipes are divided into hot-dip galvanizing and electric steel zinc. The hot-dip galvanizing galvanized layer is thick and the cost of electro-galvanizing is low. Galvanized steel pipes are galvanized to improve the corrosion resistance of steel pipes.

Blowing oxygen welded pipe

Used as a tube for steelmaking oxygen blowing, made of 08, 10, 15, 20 or Q195-Q235 steel strip. For the anti-corrosion, some aluminizing treatment is carried out. Generally, small-diameter welded steel pipes are available in three sizes ranging from 3/8 inch to 2 inches.

Wire casing

Ordinary carbon steel electric welded steel pipe, used in concrete and various structural distribution projects, commonly used nominal diameter from 13-76mm. The sleeve of the wire sleeve is thin, and most of it is coated or galvanized, and a cold bend test is required.

Metric welded pipe

The specification is in the form of a seamless pipe. The welded steel pipe is expressed by the outer diameter * wall thickness and millimeter. It is welded with tropical carbon steel, high quality carbon steel or plain low alloy steel, or cold welded with tropical welding. Method made. Metric welded pipes can be divided into general and thin walls, commonly used as structural parts, such as transmission shafts, or to transport fluids. Thin walls are used to produce furniture, lamps, etc., to ensure the strength and bending test of steel pipes.

Roller tube

Used for belt conveyor electric welded steel pipe, generally made of Q215, Q235A, Q235B steel and 20 steel, diameter 63.5-219.0mm. The pipe bending degree, the end surface should be perpendicular to the center line, and the ellipticity has certain requirements, and the water pressure and flattening test are generally performed.

Transformer tube

It is used to manufacture transformer heat pipes and other heat exchangers. It is made of ordinary carbon steel and requires flattening, flaring, bending and hydraulic testing. Steel pipes are delivered in fixed lengths or multiples, which have certain requirements for the bending of steel pipes.

Shaped tube

Square tubes, rectangular tubes, hat tubes, and steel tubes for empty rubber doors and windows, which are welded by ordinary carbon-bonded structural steel and 16Mn, are mainly used as agricultural machinery components, steel window doors, and the like. Electric welding thin wall tube: mainly used to make furniture, toys, lamps and so on. In recent years, thin-walled tubes made of stainless steel strips have been widely used, such as high-grade furniture, decoration, and fences.

Spiral welded pipe

It is made by rolling a low carbon carbon structural steel or a low alloy structural steel strip into a tube blank at a certain angle of a helix (called a forming angle), and then welding the pipe joint, which can be produced by using a narrow strip steel. Large diameter steel pipe. Spiral welded pipe is mainly used for oil and natural gas transmission pipelines, and its specifications are expressed by outer diameter * wall thickness. Spiral welded pipes are single-sided welded and double-sided welded. The welded pipe shall be hydraulically tested. The tensile strength and cold bending performance of the welded joint shall comply with the regulations.

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