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The demand for stainless steel in the metal industry increases
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China's metal products industry needs to achieve five major transformations: one is from extensive production to intensive transformation, the other is from labor-intensive to technology-intensive transformation, the third is from quantitative expansion to qualitative improvement, and the fourth is from low cost. Low prices increase to high added value and high profit margins. Fifth, export OEMs are mainly transferred to independent brands, so as to realize the transformation from a "manufacturing power" to a "manufacturing power".


With the transformation of the metal products industry and the replacement of products, new requirements have been placed on stainless steel materials, and there are still some problems in the application of stainless steel in the metal products industry.


Some products in the hardware industry often have special needs. For example, stainless steel sinks must be stretched, requiring good ductility of the material. Once the requirements are not met, water ripples will be generated after stretching and reduced to defective products. This is because domestic products If the stainless steel material fails to meet the requirements, it will be deformed after stretching, which naturally leads to a decrease in the accuracy of the fit of the lid. The material is currently a major problem that plagues domestic stainless steel product companies.


China's steel companies should study and master the development and changes of the market, understand the different needs of users in different industries, and solve their own problems and defects according to the new requirements for stainless steel materials in the future economic development, and produce and develop multiple varieties and high-quality products. Stainless steel consolidates the original market, expands new markets, opens up potential markets, and better meets the needs of China's economic development.

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