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10 steel industry terms
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10 steel industry terms

Share 10 steel industry terms to help you understand the steel industry, and will continue to update more steel industry consultations in the future.

steel industry

1, alloy

A substance having a metallic property synthesized by a certain method from two or more metals.

2, annealing

A heat treatment process in which the steel product is reheated to a suitable temperature to eliminate stresses formed by previous processing and to soften and/or improve cutting performance and cold forming properties.

3. Apparent steel consumption (ASU)

Apparent steel consumption is the sum of the delivery volume and the net direct export volume. The World Steel Association uses metric tons as a unit of measurement.

4, bar

A finished steel that is usually flat, square, round or hexagonal. Bars are rolled from billets and there are two main types of products: section steel and special steel.

5, oxygen top blowing converter steelmaking

A process of steelmaking by an oxidation process by injecting oxygen into a spray gun above the cast iron and scrap steel.

6, Bessemer Steelmaking

The process of steel making is carried out by blowing air into the molten iron through the bottom of the converter.

7, billet

A semi-finished steel with a square cross section and an area of 155 mm x 155 mm. After rolling or first continuous casting and rolling, the finished products such as wire, section steel and other steel sections can be obtained.

8, blank

High-precision thin steel sheets, which have a simple or complex shape and sometimes have different thicknesses, are the main materials for automobile bodies.

9, blast furnace

A furnace used to smelt iron from iron ore.

10, bloom

Semi-finished products with a cross-section of 155 mm x 155 mm or more are called blooms.

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