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Why do you need a bag for stainless steel pipe
Time:2019-05-16 Source:Zibo Baishun Stainless Steel Hits:

  For those who do business, of course, the less the expenditure under the feasible conditions, the better the stainless steel tube, we often see that there will be a packaging film bag, although it is not heavy, but if it is a single Buying more quantities will also generate certain economic expenses, but why do many people obviously don't like this thing on stainless steel pipes, but they have to accept it? The following small series will tell you why the stainless steel tube needs a bag.

  1. After the stainless steel tube is completed, it must be moved, moved and moved long distances. If there is no bag, the surface will be scratched and scratched, which will affect the appearance of the surface.

  2. The packaging itself requires manufacturing costs, and the cost of packaging requires labor costs, the sum of which exceeds the weight of a single bag.

  3.3. If packaging is not required, the contract should state that the company will not be responsible for scratching and scratching the surface of the stainless steel tube due to opening the package.

  Stainless steel tube bags are nothing more than a protective stainless steel tube surface, so most stainless steel tube users do not have to question this.

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