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10 steel industry entry terms(2)
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Ten steel industry entry terms (2)

There are many unified terminology in the steel industry. Understanding internationally-speaking words is of great help to business cooperation and communication.

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1, carbon steel

The steel and carbon content is as high as 2.1%. The higher the carbon content, the worse the weldability and the higher the carbon content lowers the melting point.

2, carburizing

The heat treatment process allows carbon atoms to penetrate into the surface layer of the steel to obtain a metal having high surface hardness and high wear resistance.

3, casting

The molten metal liquid is poured into the mold, and solidified by cooling to obtain a desired shape.

4, coal

The main fuel used by coal mines and steel companies.

5, coating

The outer surface of the material is covered with a protective layer by various methods such as galvanizing.

6, coil

A finished steel such as a steel plate or a steel strip that is coiled or wound after rolling.

7, coke

Iron ore pellets or iron-bearing ore are reduced to metal iron, and a carbonized coal is burned in a blast furnace.

8, coke oven

A stove used to refine coke. The coal usually falls into the furnace through the opening of the furnace top and is then heated by the combustion gases in the flue of the wall of the coke oven group.

9, cold rolling

The hot-rolled steel coil is used as a raw material, and the scale is removed by pickling to carry out cold continuous rolling. The cold rolling can make the product thinner and smoother, and can also increase the strength.

10, continuous casting

A steel curing process that is rooted in steel rather than separately. The molten steel is poured into an open-ended water-cooled mold. As the molten steel passes through the mold, the outer shell begins to solidify.

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