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Stainless steel applications are getting wider
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At present, the field of stainless steel demand continues to expand globally, mainly divided into two categories: one is to expand the field of increasing demand, such as automobiles, electrical machinery and equipment; the other is to open up areas with potential for demand, such as energy saving and new energy, environment and safety, health and health care, natural resource conservation, etc. facilities in these areas, including machine parts, components, stainless steel pipes, etc., are increasingly demanding stainless steel with high strength, high corrosion resistance and good pressure formability.

Many countries not only open up new fields of stainless steel applications, but also expand the scope and coverage of existing fields. A number of new types of stainless steel have been developed abroad. For example, Japan has developed a variety of stainless steel roofing materials, including medium-chromium ferritic stainless steel with better corrosion resistance and various coated plates. The super-clean brushed stainless steel plate developed in Sweden and the UGITP surface plate developed by Ugine in France also provide new options for the construction industry.

Japan has always been committed to improving the service life of buildings, and it has moved from 20 to 30 years of the past design life to 100 years, so more stainless steel has been used. In the 1980s, Japan's coastal areas used Type 304 unpainted materials as roofing materials, and later gradually shifted to using painted stainless steel from rust prevention considerations. In the 1990s, Japan developed ferrite stainless steel with a high corrosion resistance of more than 20% and high Cr, which was used as a roofing material. At the same time, various appearance finishing technologies were developed for aesthetics.

In cold regions in Europe and America, salt must be sprinkled to prevent the freezing of highways and bridges, which accelerates the corrosion of steel bars, so stainless steel bars are used. In the roads in North America, stainless steel rebars have been used in about 40 places in the past three years, and the usage of each place is 200-1000 tons.

In short, the global stainless steel product utilization rate continues to increase. According to surveys and analysis by relevant departments, the average annual growth rate has been 5.7% in recent years.

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