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Five solutions for stainless steel coil
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The new 316 stainless steel coil is a versatile material. When designing, keep in mind the following main advantages: easy installation, 

high durability and corrosion resistance, low cost, and reduced leakage risk.

Easy installation

The 316 stainless steel coil is thin-walled, making it lightweight and easily extensible. Therefore, it is easy to put it into use where it is needed. In addition, 

ductility means that you can apply 316 stainless steel coils in corners, pipes, narrow spaces wherever you need them.

High durability and corrosion resistance

The wall of the new 316 stainless steel coil material is indeed thin, with solid weight and durability. Stainless steel 316 is a marine-grade metal and is 

extremely resistant to salt or chemical corrosion. Therefore, where salt water or corrosive chemicals are more common,

A 316 stainless steel tube is usually used. The marine industry, petrochemical industry, oil / gas / compressed gas industry, and compressed air applications all make heavy use of this material.

Lower cost

Stainless steel coiled tubing per foot is cheaper than many similar materials. Compared to copper pipes, ease of installation also reduces the time and cost required.

Less leakage

Due to the length and flexibility of coiled stainless steel pipes, this means fewer joints. Installation is often time consuming and a weak link in industrial tubing 

systems. Most leaks in industrial tubing systems occur at the joints.

Easy to maintain

Because it is smooth, non-porous and stainless steel, 316 pipes are easy to maintain. Whether it is used for chemicals or food, it is easy to disinfect and clean, and the product has a long life!
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