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430 Stainless Steel Pipe Characteristics
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                                    The characteristic of 430 Stainless steel pipe


430 stainless steel tube refers to using 430 stainless steel, is a grade of stainless steel produced in accordance with the American standard ASTM. 430 is equivalent to China's 1Cr17 stainless steel tube. 430 containing 0.01% carbon and 17% chromium belong to international stainless steel labeling method. 430 stainless steel tubes --S43000 (AISI, ASTM) 430 corresponding to the Chinese brand is 1Cr17. the first characterized by excellent deep drawing performance, similar to 304 steel; The second characteristic is that it has strong corrosion resistance to oxidizing acid, and also has certain corrosion resistance to lye and most organic and inorganic acids.The resistance to stress corrosion cracking is stronger than 304 steel;  the Characteristic three thermal expansion coefficient is lower than 304 steel, high oxidation resistance, suitable for heat resistant equipment;Four cold rolling product features good brightness, beautiful appearance.

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