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316L stainless steel plate commonly used arrange
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316L stainless steel sheet hardness (soft material, hard material):
  • Deep drawing soft material;
  • Hard material 1/4H, 1/2H, 3/4H, H, EH, SH; HV 30 - 580 degrees;
316L stainless steel sheet processing: shearing board, the board can be opened and fixed.

First, stainless steel sheet and material: 304, 316L, 321, 201, (301 tape) domestic stainless steel plate: 430, 409, 201

Second, stainless steel 304 plate thickness 0.12mm-65mm stainless steel plate 316L# plate thickness 0.5mm-16mm

Third, the surface treatment of the board: 8K mirror surface, 2B smooth surface, sanding (drawing, sanding), titanium gold, rice grain, oil surface drawing, BA board

Fourth, the width of the board: 1000mm * 2000mm, 1219mm * 2438mm, 1219 * 3048 1219 * 3500, 1219 * 4000, 1500mm * 3000mm, 1500mm * 6000mmm,

316L stainless steel sheet
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