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304 Stainless Steel Prices Keep Rising in September
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September 304 Stainless Steel Prices Keep Rising

The price of 304 stainless steel is gradually increasing. Suppliers who need 304 have to look at the timing and prepare for inventory as soon as possible.

In August 2019, Lun Nickel once again ushered in an outbreak, and the performance was very eye-catching. As Indonesia continued 

to send news of early forbidden mines, the sharp rise of Lun Nickel opened a good start for the stainless steel market in September.

price of 304 stainless steel
At present, the spot market of high-nickel iron is still in short supply, while the price of nickel ore has risen successively. The price 

of high-grade nickel ore of 1.8% has climbed to 500 yuan/ton, and the price of low-grade nickel ore of 0.9-1.1% has exceeded 200 yuan/ton to 210 yuan/ton. up and down,
In addition, the Indonesian mine-free news continues to ferment, nickel prices soared, will drive high-nickel iron up.

Once again, high-carbon ferrochrome, China's domestic high-chromium production still declined slightly in August; according to 

customs data, in China, China's domestic ferrochrome imports fell sharply, a total of 213,900 tons of ferrochrome imported, 

a decrease of 29.85% from the previous month. , a year-on-year decline of 11.32%.

Today's Shandong market 304 stainless steel market rose 400-500 yuan / ton, 304 stainless steel cold rolling market: 

It is reported that Zhang Pu four-foot cutting edge base price increased to 15900-16000 yuan / ton, Taigang, wine steel 

four feet cut edge base price It has generally reached 15700-15800 yuan / ton,
The base price of Hongwang, Jinjin and Chengde four feet was also raised to 15100-15200 yuan / ton. 304 stainless steel 

hot rolling market: the base price of the five-foot raw edge of Dongte and Guangqing was raised to 14800-14900 yuan/ton.

Article Source: China Steel Price 

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