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Three reasons for rust in 304 stainless steel
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First, the presence of chloride ions in the environment

Chloride ions are widely present, such as salt/sweat/seawater/sea breeze/soil. Stainless steel in the presence of chloride ions, corrosion is very fast, even more than ordinary low carbon steel.

Second, no solution treatment

The alloying elements are not dissolved in the matrix, resulting in a low content of the matrix microstructure and poor corrosion resistance.

Third, this material without titanium and niobium has a tendency to be born with intergranular corrosion.

The addition of titanium and niobium, together with a stable treatment, can reduce intergranular corrosion.

A high-alloy steel that resists corrosion in air or chemically corrosive media. Stainless steel has an aesthetically pleasing surface and good corrosion resistance. It does not require surface treatment such as plating, but also exhibits the inherent surface properties of stainless steel. One of the aspects of steel, commonly referred to as stainless steel.

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