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"Steel Man",remember the following 20 technical terms
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"Steel Man",remember the following 20 technical terms

Zibo Stainless has compiled a unified name for the equipment names and processes commonly found in the steel industry, as well as a simple definition of some raw materials.

1, CRC & HRC

CRC: The No. 1 steel plate is further thinned to a target thickness of the coil at room temperature.
HRC: steel that has been heated and rolled at high temperatures

2, crude steel

Also known as “raw steel”, after smelting, steel in solid form can be further processed or sold directly.

3, direct restore

Refers to the iron making process of reducing iron ore to sponge iron below the melting temperature.

4, electric arc furnace

The furnace of the scrap steel is melted by the heat generated by the high-power arc.

5, electrical steel

Specially produced cold-rolled sheets and strips of silicon-containing steel are processed to form certain magnetic properties for use in the power supply industry.

6, plate

A rolled steel product, such as steel strips, steel sheets, etc.

7, hot dip galvanizing

In order to maintain the long-term corrosion resistance of steel. A process of plating a layer of zinc on the surface of the steel.

8, hot rolling mill and cold rolling mill

Hot rolling mill: A device in which solid steel preheated to a certain high temperature is placed between two rotating rolls for continuous rolling.
Cold rolling mill: A device that reduces the thickness of flat steel by placing flat steel products between alloy steel rolls at room temperature.

9, hot metal

Hot metal smelted in the blast furnace.

10, steel ingot

Cast into a specific shape for deep processing of the metal block.
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11, strip steel production process (ISP)

The strip production process produces finished hot rolled coils with a thickness of only 1 mm.

12, long process steel plant

It has a large-scale plant that will make iron and steelmaking equipment, and it can also include system equipment for processing steel products.

13, iron ore

The main raw materials used in the steel manufacturing process.

14, ladle metallurgy

Refers to temperature control, pressure control, fine-tuning and homogenization of chemical components in the ladle to improve the productivity of the front and back processes, as well as the quality of the final product.

15, limestone

A substance used in the steel industry to remove impurities from blast furnace ironmaking.

16, pipeline

A pipe used to transport gas, oil or water.

17, long products

A rolled steel product, such as steel rails, strip steel, and the like.

18, mechanical piping

It can be manufactured into welded pipes or seamless pipes of various shapes, and the tolerance of such steel pipes is smaller than that of other steel pipes.

19, micro steel plant

Small steel mills that use scrap to produce new steel, including facilities for producing finished steel.

20, oil well pipe

Steel pipes used in the oil and gas industry, including casing, piping and drill pipes.

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